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Bison Ranch In Heber / Overgaard

Bison Ranch properties are in Overgaard, Arizona. Overgaard is located within the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest. Overgaard shares a boundary with Heber, Arizona and although there is an actual boundary line dividing the two zip codes 85928 and 85933 (especially designed for the mail delivery and the local post office) residents can have a hard time telling you exactly where that line is. Just ask anybody in town and you might get a different opinion, but one thing is for sure the two communities act as one and share a perfect destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Getting out of the desert below or the big cities to enjoy cooler temperatures during the summer months is a must do. It is an ideal place for hiking, camping, boating and just relaxing. This is true not only for summer but for year-round. A great place to start exploring the area is to come and stay at the Bison Ranch in Overgaard where they have rentals and overnight lodging available. Bison Ranch also has permanent residences with lots of amenities built in. For many people a few trips up stir a desire to find a more permanent solution for their mountain time. Bison Ranch or any one of the other great opportunities to own a home are possibilities worth exploring. At Bison Ranch, you’ll be able to enjoy hot, homemade meals in one of the restaurants on site. You can take a horseback ride at Ramey Ranch nearby Bison Ranch, play basketball, volleyball, or soccer in the outdoor facilities, or relax in the indoor game room and enjoy a game of pool, ping pong, or air hockey. The nearby rim lakes are numerous and well-known for their trout and bass fishing. Take a night to pitch a tent and sleep under the stars at the nearby forest campgrounds. Christopher Creek is a must see and offers some hiking trails and a quaint restaurant and bar where you can come back and relax and enjoy a beverage or meal. It’s never too far to head to Show Low, Lakeside or Pinetop for a shopping spree or other activities. Once you come you will never want to leave. We can help you make your dream come true with a mountain home of your choice. Contact Libby Grimes at Tenney Properties today.

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