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What is your Definition of a "Cabin in the Pines"?

The term cabin, originally defined in America as a small, one-story house characteristic of the frontier, especially when built from logs with simple tools and not constructed by professional builders, but by those who meant to live in it. As time went on it began to include any simple, small structure designed for a brief stay, as for overnight tourist cabins. From there it grew to include much larger structures like chalets or lodges and became multilevel, many-roomed wonders.

In the early days of America, logs were “hewn” into shape using an ax. Early settlers felled their own trees, de-limbed them, transported them to site, scored and squared them. It was a long and drawn out process and a life’s work. As technology developed hand-hewed logs were no longer a necessity except for families who remained too far from sawmills and often cleared logs from their property in order to build. There are many places in northern Arizona where you can still see the remains of old-style cabins that are a testament to life during a bygone time.

Today, cabin living can provide a kind of "recreational therapy". The ability to get away and rejuvenate and take the time for a healing mind and body. There is no better place than the mountains and the forest, a quiet stream, a lake or just the wind through the pines. Many choose to make it a primary residence, as we did. Or, for those that cannot be here all the time it can become your favorite spot to get away.  We found that those getaways became the object for planning to live permanently . mountain. There is always the feeling that you just don't want to leave. The feelings of quiet, tranquil love and laughter, along with the family memories are the norm and anything else is just not the same.

We can help you find your "Mountain Life" or your "Mountain Lifestyle".  Feel free to use our search engines to look for your perfect place or contact us today and we will take the work out of it and look for you!

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